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PILP Foundation (hereinafter PILP) takes the protection of personal data very seriously. PILP respects your personal data and ensures that the personal information provided to us or otherwise obtained is treated confidentially. In doing so, our basic principle is that we do not collect more personal data than is strictly necessary. The personal data we receive are handled and secured with the utmost care and in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (further: AVG). Personal data refers to any information about a person. Data that indirectly says something about someone is also personal data (see below for more information on what personal data is collected by PILP). The following implements the information obligation laid down in the AVG to the data subject(s) whose personal data are processed by PILP.

In this privacy and cookie statement you will find information on whether, how and why PILP collects and uses your personal data. This statement applies to all personal data processed by or on behalf of PILP when, for example, you use the contact form, become a donor, make use of our services, visit our events or website, or otherwise communicate with us. Within PILP Foundation, the Operational Director is ultimately responsible for the correct processing of data.

Processing of personal data by PILP

PILP collects and processes personal data for clear, predetermined purposes, because this is necessary for, among other things:

  • the provision of legal services, including the performance of an agreement and the conduct of (legal) proceedings;
  • advising, mediating and referring;
  • conducting donor administration;
  • entering into collaborations with third parties;
  • recruitment and selection (job applications);
  • functionality of the website;
  • meeting our legal and regulatory obligations;
  • business operations;
  • archival purposes.

Data provided to the firm by a litigant that is not necessary or relevant to the provision of services will not be processed. PILP processes personal data through its records and website:

What personal data does PILP collect?

PILP collects several categories of personal data. These are:

  • NAW data (name, address, place of residence);
  • bank account number;
  • phone number;
  • date of birth;
  • gender;
  • information about your racial or ethnic origin;
  • e-mail address;
  • your signature;
  • interaction data (name, title, position, telephone and fax number, Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number, website, e-mail address, business address, and other business and contact information);
  • correspondence and other communications (pleadings, letters, e-mail messages, telephone notes, and other communications); and
  • other information: data we obtain from clients or third parties or from a public source for handling a case or application.

PILP processes the above personal data if it has been provided by you as a data subject on your own initiative, obtained in the course of providing services, made known to us by third parties (including counterparties), or has become known to us through public sources.

PILP may proceed with the processing of the above data on the basis of various legal grounds as listed in Article 6, first paragraph of the AVG. For example, you have given your consent to the processing, or the processing serves the performance of a contract. There may also be a legitimate interest for the processing, or the need to comply with a legal obligation.

Website and social media

Data collection through the website occurs only when you use the contact form, when you report a matter or submit a request, and when you make a donation.

Links to other websites

PILP’s website contains links to third-party websites. If you click on these links, you will leave our website. Our privacy and cookie statement does not apply to third-party websites, as we have no influence on how they handle your personal data. We therefore cannot accept any liability for the way these websites use your personal data. Please consult the privacy policy of the relevant third party for more information on their handling of your personal data.

Social media

Our website includes buttons from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, among others. To see what these parties do with personal data they collect, please refer to the privacy policy of the party concerned.

Embedded content

The PILP website may use content on other sites by linking to it, for example through YouTube or Vimeo videos. In a similar way to the social media buttons, these codes often use cookies. What exactly these parties do with these cookies and thus collected personal data can be found in the privacy statement of the relevant party.

Provision of personal data to third parties

Under no circumstances will PILP provide your personal data to third parties for commercial purposes.

PILP only shares your personal data with third parties to the extent necessary for the provision of services in compliance with the aforementioned purposes or if you have given your personal consent to do so. This could include providing your personal data in connection with (legal) proceedings or correspondence with opposing parties.

When we share your personal data with third parties, who process personal data on our behalf, we ensure that your personal data are protected in accordance with the AVG and this privacy and cookie statement by the processor agreements we enter into with these third parties. This could include an accountant, notary, other third party engaged for the purpose of a second opinion or expert report.

Storage terms

PILP stores your personal data in accordance with the AVG. The data will not be kept longer than strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data was collected.

For payments, a retention period of seven years applies for the purposes of the Tax Office and accountability to grantors. A longer period, five to 20 years, applies to the retention of records of lawsuits.

When your relationship with PILP ends and any retention periods have expired, we will destroy your personal data. We will anonymize any data that we retain longer for statistical or scientific purposes so that it is no longer traceable to your person.

How can you access or delete your data?

As a data subject, you have a number of rights that you can exercise in connection with our processing of your personal data:

  1. the right of information about the personal data we process about you;
  2. the right to access your processed personal data;
  3. the right to rectification of your personal data;
  4. the right to erasure of your personal data;
  5. the right to restrict the processing of your personal data;
  6. the right to data transfer of your personal data to an organization you designate in a structured, common and machine-readable form;
  7. the right to object to the processing of your personal data; and;
  8. the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data.

If you have any questions to PILP based on these rights, you can send us a message through a request for inspection or correction under the AVG. You can also ask us to remove your data. Please address your request to, stating “request regarding personal data under the AVG”.

In order to make sure that we provide the relevant personal data to the right person on the basis of your request, we ask you to submit a copy of a valid passport, driver’s license or ID card with a protected passport photo and BSN number for verification purposes. PILP will only process requests that relate to your own personal data.

Securing personal data

PILP attaches great importance to the security and protection of your personal data and, taking into account the state of the art, provides appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a security level appropriate to the risk.

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