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mr. Elsa van de Loo


Mr. Elsa van de Loo is an attorney at PILP. She provides legal advice to allies, acts as a lawyer in various proceedings, and plays an important role in drafting legal documents and doing additional legal research.

Van de Loo is an expert on human rights, equal treatment and non-discrimination. She previously worked as an independent social lawyer assisting individuals in cases involving tenancy law, education law and fundamental rights. Before that, she was, among other things, a lawyer and policy advisor at the Human Rights Board.

In addition to her role as a lawyer, Ms. Van de Loo is a deputy member of the Human Rights Board where she is part of the judicial role of the Board. She is also a member of the Advisory Committee on Recovery of Disadvantaged Parents and provides training on diversity and inclusion.

Farah Ennali

Administrative assistant

Farah Ennali, a political scientist and anthropologist, is an administrative assistant at PILP. In this role, she provides support for all of PILP’s internal and external communications and event planning. She also deals with organizational and administrative tasks.

In addition to her work for PILP, Farah is active at several museums, gives workshops on socio-political topics and is working with others on a project about the experiences of first generation Moroccan women in the Netherlands.

mr. Jelle Klaas

Executive director and lawyer

Mr. Jelle Klaas is executive director and human rights lawyer at PILP. He is one of the founders of PILP and has years of experience in strategic litigation for human rights in the Netherlands.

Mr. Klaas provides legal advice to clients and allies, acts as an advocate in various proceedings and is partly responsible for PILP’s spokesmanship and external representation.

Within PILP, Mr. Klaas specializes particularly in civil procedural law, demonstration law, housing policy, anti-discrimination cases and strategic litigation in general.

Mr. Klaas previously worked for 15 years as a social lawyer for the Fischer Group, where, among other things, he collaborated on proceedings concerning the right to “bed, bath and bread” for undocumented persons.

mr. Laura Wennekes

Operational director

Ms. Laura Wennekes is operational director at PILP. In this role she is responsible for external relations, fundraising and the general operations of PILP. She also identifies and coordinates (new) projects and events that fit PILP’s procedures.

Prior to joining PILP, Laura worked at Allen&Overy, Natuurmonumenten and !Woon Foundation. She also completed a legal master’s degree in international security at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Besides her work, Laura is active as treasurer at Progressief Woerden.

mr. Merel Hendrickx


Mr. Merel Hendrickx is a lawyer at PILP. She provides legal advice to allies, acts as a lawyer in various strategic procedures.

Within PILP Merel specializes in collective and public interest actions, demonstration law, children’s right to water, (ethnic) profiling and anti-discrimination. Before she started at PILP, Merel was, among other things, involved as a trainee in the appeal in the Urgenda case against the State.

mr. dr. Nawal Mustafa

Strategic legal advisor

mr. Dr. Nawal Mustafa works as a strategic legal advisor at PILP. She is an expert on anti-racism, Islamophobia, feminism and decolonial and postcolonial theory.

Nawal received her PhD on the topic of migration and the regulation of intimacy and is also currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Previously, Nawal gained experiences at Amnesty International, Humanity in Action and Critical Mass. In 2018, together with three other activists based in the Netherlands, Nawal started SPEAK, a platform for Muslim women and their struggle against racism, Islamophobia and sexism.

Nawal has extensive experience in community organizing and movement building from an intersectional and decolonial perspective.

mr. Pita Klaassen

Project coordinator

Pita Klaassen is project coordinator at PILP. She is responsible for fundraising, maintaining external relations and coordinating PILP’s projects and events.

Among other things, Pita has worked as a junior lawyer at the Dutch Legal Committee for Human Rights (NJCM), as a student assistant at the European network on legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination (EELN) and as an intern at Bureau Clara Wichmann.

She received her BA from the interdisciplinary study Liberal Arts & Sciences with a major in international (human) rights and a minor in conflict studies. She also received her LLB from the bachelor’s program in Law and her LLM from the Legal Research Master’s program at Utrecht University.

mr. Rosa Beets


Mr. Rosa Beets is a lawyer at PILP. She provides legal advice to allies, acts as a lawyer in various strategic proceedings.

Within PILP, Rosa specializes in housing law, Islamophobia cases and the right to protest.

Previously, Rosa worked as a paralegal at the law firm Prakken d’Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers, and gained experience in strategic litigation at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) in Berlin. There she focused particularly on corporate and human rights litigation.


Toos Verhaar

Administrative assistant

Toos Verhaar is an administrative assistant at PILP. She deals with bookkeeping and other financial and secretarial tasks within PILP.




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