PILP welcomes attorney Elsa van de Loo to its team

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November 13, 2023
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We are very proud to announce that attorney Elsa van de Loo will join the PILP team as of December 1, 2023.

Elsa is an expert in the areas of human rights, equal treatment, and non-discrimination. For the past seven years, as an independent social lawyer, she has assisted individuals in cases within various areas of law, including tenancy law, education law, and fundamental rights. Before that, she was a lawyer and policy advisor at the Human Rights Board, among other positions.

In the past year, Elsa and PILP have worked closely together on the file on covert investigations of mosques, conducted by the agency NTA on behalf of various municipalities. In these proceedings, Elsa is one of the handling attorneys.

In addition to her role as an attorney, Elsa also serves as an alternate member of the Human Rights Board, is a member of the Retention Advisory Committee for Recovery of Aggrieved Supplemental Security Parents, and provides training on diversity and inclusion.

Elsa will join PILP as a part-time attorney working not only on the aforementioned file of covert investigations of mosques, but also on numerous other ongoing and new PILP files and cases. Her legal knowledge, proven skills inside and outside the courtroom, and her dedication to campaigns and movements against discrimination and in favor of human rights make Elsa van de Loo a fantastic addition to PILP’s team and mission.


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