Human Rights Board hearing on banking discrimination

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July 2, 2024
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Muslims and people with names considered “foreign” by some experience discrimination by banks. This has also been reported by the National Coordinator against Discrimination and Racism. These citizens face anti-terrorism investigations, have to answer extensive questions, cannot open a bank account, or experience their account or transactions being blocked. This also affects individuals who transfer money to others with ‘foreign’ names or include such names in the description.

Organisations such as and Muslim Rights Watch Netherlands receive many reports of discrimination by banks.

PILP and therefore started proceedings at the Human Rights Board on 29 February 2024, for and with three citizens who were discriminated against by their bank.

This hearing took place on Thursday, June 13. PILP is conducting these cases together with the Gelderland and Noord-Brabant Regions of The Board will rule in six weeks.

Read the plea in these cases here and a clear article about the hearing in the Volkskrant here.


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